• Pumpkin drawing Contest

    Get ready to embrace your inner artist and celebrate the spirit of fall with our Pumpkin Drawing Contest! Unleash your creativity as you sketch, paint, or color your pumpkin masterpiece. Show off your unique style, and who knows, your creation might just become the star of our autumn-themed showcase. Join […]

  • Go Pack Go

    Something Sweet loves their Green Bay Packers, so in honor of every “Sweet” win we will have $2 “Packer Cones” the following day to celebrate! Green Apple and Banana Ripple in honor of the Green and Gold! Go Pack!

  • Carmel Apple’s

    Each apple is handcrafted to perfection,  featuring a local “Hafs Orchard” Honeycrisp apple coated in creamy caramel. Apples are then customized with toppings like Heath, Twix,  Snickers, sprinkles, peanuts, or a delightful assortment of Bavarian roasted nuts. These irresistible gourmet caramel apples are large enough to be shared! Get Yours […]

  • Assorted Salt Water Taffy

    Banana Cream Pie Peanut Butter Peppermint Chili Mango Bubble Gum Banana Watermelon Carrot Cake Peanut Butter & Jelly Cinnamon Cherry Cola Pink Lemonade Cherry Cookies & Cream Apple Pie Strawberry Caramel Apple Chocolate Blueberry Muffin Candy Bar Swiss Cake Roll Cinnamon Roll Grape Caramel Corn Red Licorice Raspberry Lemonade Cran-Raspberry […]

  • Licorice

    Rainbow Licorice Twists Licorice Hollows Licorice Allsorts Strawberry Licorice Laces Strawberry Licorice Wheels Black Licorice Wheels Kookaburra Strawberry Licorice Kookaburra Black Licorice Good & Plenty Back

  • Gummi Candy

    Gummi Cherries Gummi Strawberries Gummi 3D Legos Gummi Chicken Feet Gummi Energy Filled Bears Gummi Sharks Gummi Worms Giant Gummi Butterflies Mini Gummi Butterflies Gummi 3D Dinosaurs Gummi 3D Roses Gummi Cola Bottles Giant Gummi Cola Bottles Gummi Raspberries Gummi Giant Rattlesnakes Gummi Giant Bullfrogs Gummi Peaches Gummi Grapefruit Gummi […]

  • Sour Candy

    Sour Patch Watermelons Sour Patch Kids Sour Pink Lemonade Belts Sour Watermelon Belts Sour Blazberry Belts Sour Rainbow Belts Sour Gummi Beeps Sour Gummi Bears Sour Neon Worms Sour Beep Bears Sour Twin Cherries Back

  • Other

    Assorted Fruit Slices Juju Coins Juju Cherry Hearts Assorted Juju Drops Cinnamon Juju Bears Red Swedish Fish Assorted Swedish Fish Jordan Almonds Watermelon Coconut Slices Candied Raisins Unicron Bark Back

  • Hard Candy

    Jelly Belly Jelly Belly Sour Hot Tamales Mike & Ikes Fruit Sours Cherry Fruit Sours Patriotic Stars Baby Pacifiers Candy Blox (Legos) Tear Drops Chewy Sweetarts Back  

  • Sugar Free

    Salt Water Taffy Gummi Worms Malt Balls (Malitol) Root Beer Barrel Black Licorice Bears Almond Butter Crunch Dark Chocolate with Malitol Vanilla Caramels         Back